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Sunday, April 4, 2010


This may mark the first holiday I've ever posted pictures so quickly. It was a whirlwind weekend because Brian and I went down to Indianpolis to watch Michigan State. We didn't go to the game, but saw it at a local watering hole. We were sad to see State lose, but of course will be rooting hard for Butler on Monday.

We got back Sunday morning in time for all of the Easter festivities.

Here are a few fun Easter poses.

Liz is still in the hunt:

Here are Liz and Chance in their "Easter duds." Liz is actually in one of her favorite dresses that she wore at Christmas time - getting lots of use out of it. Chance is wearing an Adorable suit that my friend Sue sent to us. It's his spring suit. I guess every 7-month-old needs one. HA!

Liz has a bit of a crazy expression here. But still a good one of the two of them.

Here's a really cute one of both of them. Very sweet:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Awarding achondroplasia bloggers

I'm happy to report that a number of bloggers have received an award for writing about our personal experiences with achondroplasia. I'm the first to say we don't really deserve this award, because we're such inconsistent (read: bad) posters, but I'm glad that many bloggers we follow daily have been awarded and recognized.

Here's the letter from Access DNA:

Dears Brian and Lisa Hedger,

You have been identified as leaders in the Achondroplasia community. By sharing your personal, first-hand experiences with this disorder on your blog (Hedger Adventures), you have helped others. AccessDNA's mission is to help increase the awareness of both rare and common genetic disorders by creating accessible and reliable information on genetic conditions. We respect your efforts and are privileged to distinguish your blog with the following award: