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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winter carnival

We had great fun this weekend because Liz's school had the winter carnival. She got to play all sorts of games - and got her face painted and hair temporarily dyed.

Liz loved dunking the principal and an older student in the silly shower - kind of like a dunk-tank but used indoors. You should have seen the expression on this older kid when she came up. His friend had just unsuccessfully tried to dunk him and missed all three times. Liz nailed it the first time. She also dunked the principal too.

Here's a photo of her with her hair and face painted.

And, even closer-up of the wild hair!

Another great shot of the two missing front teeth.

Does this butterfly look familiar? Every time, we go to a carnival, Liz always gets a butterfly painted on her face. Also, notice the chocolate crumbs. Liz won the cake walk twice and ended up with four pieces of chocolate-iced cake and brownies. Thank goodness, they don't give full cakes away anymore.

Here are some fun brother and sister shots. Liz loves taking off part of Chance's outfit. She's playing dress-up and playing with baby Chance.

I think it's a fair assumption here that Chance is not having as much fun as Liz.

Yep, Liz is still having a blast - Chance is not so sure.

Afterward, Liz took the camera from me and took a few pictures - She was VERY proud of this potty training picture. I think she's getting Brian's sense of humor. Hee Hee.

Friday, March 5, 2010

What's missing here?

Our biggest news is Liz is losing teeth at a rather rapid pace and it's hard for the Tooth Fairy to keep up.

Oddly enough, Liz doesn't pull out her teeth even when they're really loose. She lets them dangle and dangle. Her teacher even e-mailed us about it, and at one point the principal couldn't believe these teeth were still dangling there. Two teeth hung by an apparent thread for almost two weeks.

Finally, she lost these two, and then suddenly with no warning the second upper front tooth fell a day later. That's probably how it goes. Everyone keeps asking what the Tooth Fairy gives today and in the Hedger House, she is NOT keeping up with inflation. It's a handful of quarters and a few trinkets - kid jewlery and little things like that.

Our little baby is also growing. Chance is already looking like a mature baby at six months old. Yes, he turned six months last week. Hard to believe! He's doing great - rolling everywhere. He's not quite ready to sit up or crawl but we're sure it won't be long.

We're giving him some solids now and he enjoys that. Without further ado - here are a few pictures - at long last!

Here's Liz minus two teeth - the obvious one is the top left tooth.

It was Dr. Seuss week in recognition of his birthday and every day, there was another Seuss event. On this day, she dressed as Sally from Hat in the Cat.

Here's a couple of pictures of Chance. He's still quite wobbly when he tries to sit up and is content to lay around rolling here or there.

Now, here's the money shot - Liz missing BOTH top front teeth and the lower left. Looking at this picture, I can tell she now officially needs her bangs trimmed. It'll be the first haircut since her December trim.

I think she's surveying how she's going to gobble up those cherry tomatoes - minus so many teeth. Don't worry - she managed just fine.

Chance had just finished his yummy veggies - can you tell - complete with drool and orange goo all over his shirt. All in a good day for a 6-month old!