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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catching up in pictures

It's been a busy few months here are some pictures from this spring.

Our local library has a neat program where kids can read to the dogs. About a month ago, Liz particpated and read to several dogs for a few hours. She loved it and had a blast.

We went to Hyde Park by University of Chicago for lunch and to walk around on Mother's Day and got some cute pictures of the kids.

And, I think we've gone too long without a picture of Liz and a diapered Chance.

Liz set up this picture and she was very proud of it!

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I can't even believe that Liz is already done with Kindergarten - absolutely amazing to me. Here she is on the last day!

I thought she looked really sweet in this one with her eyes closed.

The picture below was taken of Chance on June 1, and maybe it's just me, but I feel his hair has gotten really blonde in recent weeks. I can even tell a difference in the shade of blonde below compared to some of the picture above (taken a few weeks earlier).


Sarah Forgrave said...

Oh my goodness...Their smiles are priceless! :-)

Destini said...

So cute! Chance doesn't look near as scared in the Liz and diapered Chance picture as in the past! Taylor is at her last day of Kindergarten today - they are growing up too fast! Wait until the end of summer, Chance's hair will be almost white from the sun!

Kim said...

I just love all the new pictures! Chance is getting so BIG! WOW! What a handsome guy. And Liz-I cannot believe she is off to first grade next year! She just gets prettier and prettier! I am so bummed we will not be able to meet this weekend. The visitation has just been so messed up lately. I cannot wait to see the pictures though and hear all about Liz's reaction to the big Apple!

Jennifer said...

Liz is adorable as always, and Chance....he's a little Brian! He's a clone!

QGIRL said...

when chance smiles really wide and big, he looks just like you Lisa!

Greene Family said...

Adorable pictures! Liz is cute as ever! Chance is getting so big and has a great smile! Love that first picture of Liz in the park pictures! The pictures of her and a diapered Chance always make me laugh - what a pair!